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About - Black Dog Camera Hire Brisbane

What’s in the name Black Dog Camera Hire? 

Black Dog – is for our in-office dog "Kirra" (who comes in on Saturdays), but it is also a referance to Winston Churchill's 'Black Dog' analogy. We understand how photography, video projects and pets can be essential for ones well-being.

Camera – is for cameras, lenses, audio gear, lighting and all the other assessories we have available

Hire – is for the hiring out of equipment.

Who owns Black Dog Camera Hire?

Nam Nguyen and Jason Hurst are the owners.

Nam went to Uni for Computer Animation & Film and TV and started freelancing in 2003, before opening Burning Image in 2008. Nam has turned his hand to most production methods and is skilled at adapting to shoot environments and equipment types and is Black Dog's Director of Photography. 

Jason started in Radio in 1989, first off at a regional station then in Brisbane at 4BH and quickly went from marketing to Agency Sales, Jason then moved onto GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation) after graduating as a Private Investigator in 1994, then freelancing since 2001 as an Investigator and a skilled camera operator, then in 2014 joining with Nam as co-owner and Black Dog's General Manager.

Customers choose Black Dog Studio for our advise, conversations about new ideas, option of production methods with our range of equipment availablitiy, quality of equipment and a seamless process for clients but most of all, customers choose Black Dog Studio & Camera Hire because of consistency of meeting equipment requirments and customer service. Honesty and trust between Black Dog Studio and it’s clients is why clients return month after month and year after year. Our clients know we will always be honest about our equipment capabilities and availability, not-with-standing unavoidable delays such as breakages.

Our vision is to continue to develop new production methods and continue to collaborate with and support new Film and TV graduates, who have a passion for production like we do, to deliver time saving, media savvy and innovative equipment for our clients productions.