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Kessler Crane KC-Lite 8.0 Crane with Tripod

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Kessler Crane KC-Lite 8.0 Crane with Tripod

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Product Highlights:

Single Support Rail Design
Aluminum Jib Arm Construction
10 lb Load Capacity
5.5' Fulcrum to Camera Platform Distance
Mounts Onto Your Tripod Release Plate
Optional Vertical Brake Available
Optional Short Tip Available


Suitable for use with cameras weighing under ten pounds, the KC-Lite 8.0 Camera Crane is a lightweight jib that features the same attention to detail and construction that Kessler Crane is known for. The single support rail design is portable and breaks down into two four-foot sections for transport or storage. Made from aluminum, the jib can support up to ten pounds of camera and accessories, 30 pounds of counterweight, while only weighing 12.5 pounds itself. The jib's support arm and control arm are each assembled using the included locking knobs and coupler bar. Once assembled, the jib has a length 5.5' from the camera platform to the jib's fulcrum, and you can move the jib through 11' of vertical movement. Mounting to your tripod's camera plate, the jib takes advantage of your tripod system for both support and movement, so make sure you mount it to a tripod that can comfortably support the weight of the jib, your camera, and counterweights. An optional brake assembly can be added to lock the jib in place, and the available short tip assembly replaces the standard length front of the jib, creating a shorter length jib, useful in tight spaces.

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